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Most casinos are very consistent and all slots of a particular kind and coinage will be set to the same percentage. Those that do mix up loose and tight machines seem to do so randomly. You are right that if a casino advertises "Our machines pay up to 99%" then only one in the entire casino has to be set that high. Loose and Tight Slots: the Tell Tale Signs - Slot Machines Games

Tight slots ensure that they lose quickly. Apart from physical location, another telltale sign of a loose shot is the unveiling of a new game that the casinoVeteran slot players insist that the loosest slots of all are found not only at machine introductions but also on the opening day of any new casino or... Why You Keep Losing at Slot Machines - Pacific Standard On modern slot machines, where gamblers wager simultaneously on several lines, success on any one of those lines will produce the music and soundThat holds true even if you lost on all of the other lines, resulting in a net loss on that particular wager. This leaves gamblers with the impression... Using Probability When Hitting the Slot Machines -…

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LOOSE SLOT MYTHS ⋆ Casino Player Magazine | Strictly Slots The ultimate goal for a slot player is finding a loose machine amidst the vast sea of machines on the casino floor. Players dream of finding a loose slot machine but few really achieve their goal. One reason for this is that the term “loose” when describing a slot machine is a relative to the location and casino. Best Paying Slot Machines - Here's How You Find Loose Slot Slot machines can have exciting possibilities but disappointments also lurk in the tight machines. But with a couple of clever tactics, you can end up finding the best paying slot machine. Enjoy it while it lasts since no loose machine will stay so for a long time. Loose Slot Machines - Slots Strategy Guide Finding a Loose Slot Machine. Slot players would go on and look at all the slot machines in casinos in order to find the one, which is the loosest. What most players believe is that the loose slot machines are kept hidden and away from the casino floor and in places like near the entrance, elevator or …

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In this article we’re going to discuss how to identify a loose or tight online slots be it at a online casino or brick and mortar. In land-based casinos slot machines are placed in strategic positions on how ”loose” or how ”tight” they are. loose or tight slot machines. - Las Vegas Forum - TripAdvisor loose or tight slot machines. loose or tight slot machines. Will be visiting Vegas in a few weeks time, does anyone know if the slot machines are loose or tight in the Monte Carlo hotel and The hotel at Mandalay Bay, or indeed the best hotel on the strip that pays well. Many thanks for any replies. Mandalay Bay Resort... Finding Loose Slot Machines - ThoughtCo Finding Loose Slot Machines. A player from Las Vegas who plays slots at a local’s casino getting 98 percent payback would not consider a slot machine in Atlantic City that is set to payback 94 percent as a loose machine. However the player from Atlantic City where the average slot return is 91 percent would consider this same machine a loose one. Loose Slots, Loose Slot Machines & How To Find A Loose ... This really all depends on the slot machines. Some of these games have a higher payback and better odds. These slot machines are considered loose because a player could expect to see a better ROI than if they were to play low paying slots. If a sign says there is a 98% payback, you know it is a loose slot machine.

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“Loose” and “tight” are adjectives used to describe how often and how much a slot machine pays out. A loose slot machine usually pays off often and also has relatively large payouts. A tight slot machine, on the other hand, probably has a low hit frequency and relatively low payouts. Interview with a Slot Manager | American Casino Guide

But the term loose slot machine is not absolute as one slot machine can be loose on one casino while it is tight at other casinos. The loose slot machine that is ...

Best Answer: With some machines, if you look through clear parts of the front at the appropriate angle, you may be able to see one or more of the coin tubes. The machine will only pay out well if they are full; if they are not then it's not going to pay for some time. (No idea on newer machines but that is ... Loose and Tight Slot Machines - Casino City Times Are there really loose and tight machines? Thanks, R.S. Dear R.S., Yes, there are loose and tight machines, but keep in mind, as Albert Einstein might have said had he been a slot player, "It's all relative." Slot manufacturers offer many different programs for their machines. Double Diamond, for example, has about two dozen programs available. GGB Magazine | Loose or Tight? In the April issue of GGB, “That Winning Feeling” by Dr. Katherine Spilde and Dr. Anthony Lucas was published, and immediately the editors got deluged with responses. That “Winning Feeling” presented research that showed slot players could not tell the difference between loose and tight slots in several controlled experiments.

Slot machines are viewed to be one of the most popular among the gambling activities. Still many players do not rate this machine game as it is believed to be pre-programmed (and this is not a fair gambling actually). How Slot Machines Work – Do We Know Or Do We Really Care? |